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The National Association of Housing Information Managers

134 South 13th St. Suite 701
Lincoln, NE 68508
(800) 379-3807
(402) 476-9424

Purpose: To serve as the Non-Profit Trade and Educational Association for Public Housing Authority Computer Specialists.

NAHIM is a twelve year old non-profit trade association headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. It currently has approximately 190 Public Housing Authorities as members. In addition, eleven major software vendors also participate as Associate members. NAHIM was established in Arlington, Virginia in the fall of 1992 by John E. Mooring, the Executive Director.

One of the primary benefits of NAHIM membership is the monthly newsletter all members receive. The NAHIM NEWS provides information of use to individuals in PHAs who are responsible for maintaining the PHA's computer system and meeting HUD's Data Processing reporting requirements.

Membership dues are very reasonable, varying between $50 and $125 annually depending upon the size of the PHA. If you have any questions please call us at 800-379-3807 or 402-476-9424. Thank you.

As a special service for the use of all PHAs, we have developed a master list of all the PHA Web sites that we have been able to identify.  We have a list of approximately 400 PHA Web sites, so if you would like to see the Web sites of other PHAs you will probably want to use our master list.  If your PHA has a Web site, and it is not included on our list, please send us an e-mail letting us know of your Web site, so we can add it to our file.  To see our master listing to to:



To obtain membership information, including current PHA and Vendor member lists and the standard membership form press NAHIM Membership Information.

One of the relatively recent developments in the industry is the creation of web sites by a significant number of PHAs.  A list of all NAHIM member PHAs who have web sites can be found at Web site listing.


We have placed on-line all of the NAHIM NEWS issues between January 1999 and December 2003. If you would like to see any issue during this time frame simply bring up the proper year calendar, and then select the issue that you would like to see.
To make it even easier to locate an article that you might be seeking to review, we have developed indexes for each of the past three years (2001-2003).  If you are looking for a specific article and know which year it was published, then simply select the appropriate option below.   This will bring up the index for that year.   Simply review the subjects, and simply select the month and page number listing that you want.  The system will immediately display that article.




During February 2000, we undertook a survey of all of our members, to learn more about their background and interests, so that we can make the NAHIM NEWS even more valuable to our members. For this reason, we included a copy of the survey in the February, 2000 issue of the NAHIM NEWS, but we have also included an on-line version of the survey on this web site. We would appreciate your filling out the survey, and returning it to us electronically. It will be easier for us to compute the results of the survey, if you can send the survey back to us electronically. If you would like to work on the survey just press Member Survey.


HUD-the Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed a good and extensive Web site.

To access a variety of different kinds of public housing data, we suggest you review the HUD Web Menu that we have created, it will be found at the Web Information Access Menu. The 50058 Error Code listing can also be accessed through this menu.

If you would like to access HUD's primary Public and Indian housing menu please press PHA/IHA Master Menu.


Select this Job Openings option if you are interested in reviewing any of the data processing related job openings that we are currently aware of

We would appreciate receiving any thoughts you might have on what additional types of information you would like us to provide on this Web site. We are, for example, considering the establishment of a bulletin board where members could post any questions or problems they have related to their data processing activities, with the hope that other members could provide solutions and insights.

If you have questions that you would like to pass on  to other members, or   you have comments about the operations and programs of NAHIM,  please enter your comments by pressing The Comment Page and letting us know  how we can assist  you. 

We wanted to know how many members visit our Web site, so we have installed a counter. There have been  contacts since Veteran's Day, 2003. Thank you for visiting us.